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Did you know that when selling a property, having less than
9 photos can reduce your chances of selling by 20%? This is a big risk to take.
Selling a property comes with may steps and one of which is the marketing of
the property. When done correctly it can increase the interest in the property,
reduce the length of time it is on the market and boost your sale price.

At Ruby and Lace we can help to create professional photos
that show the beauty of the property and draw in your potential buyers.


Why use a professional photographer?


Your marketing campaign is one of the most important parts
of the selling process. If you are not marketing your property in the best
possible way, you risk it not selling quickly and the interest in it dwindling

When a potential buyer is looking through the different
listings online, they are going to be drawn to the ones that stand out. A
professional photographer can do this for you. If you are taking photos
yourself, there is the risk of the lighting being off, uneven photos and the
quality of the images not being high enough to look good.

Rather than taking the photos yourself, as your photographer
I can help to take photos that drawn people in and that have them asking for

Think about the different properties that you have seen for
sale, can you tell which ones have used a photographer and which ones are done
with a smart phone? I sure can!


What does a professional photographer do?


By using a professional photographer to photograph and
capture the property, we are able to enhance the look of the property and bring
out the best features of it. Your photographer knows how to:

· Use the best lighting to capture each room

· Use the different angles of photos and how they
can change the look of a room

· Inform and entice buyers through images

· Engage with your buyers through the photos

· Emphasize the different features and bring them
to the fore front in the photos.

· Edit and enhance the photographs

· Use dedicated lens that are designed for
architecture photographs

· Shoot multiple exposures and bring them together
for the best look.

As your professional real estate photographer, I can help
bring your portfolio to life and bring the potential buyers to your door. Each
property is unique and I aim to bring out that unique feel and show it to the
potential buyers.




How does the process work?


Working with Ruby and Lace is a simple and easy process. I
want to help you sell your properties as quickly as possible and I aim to help
do that through my photographs.

First, I will sit down with you and discuss the different
properties that you have in your portfolio. A walk through of the property will
help me to see the different elements of the home, look at the natural lighting
that comes through and how I can showcase the features in the best possible

From there we will book in a time for me to take the photos
of the property, both inside and out.

Then comes the editing. I want to ensure that you are given
the best quality images to use as a part of your marketing campaign, so I take
the time to edit, enhance and highlight the photos in the best possible way.


How much does it cost?

When it comes to photographing properties, there are a
number of different things that need to be taken into consideration.

This includes:

· The location of the property – do I need to
travel a long distance?

· The number of photos you require – a larger home
will need to have more photos taken to ensure that the property is best

· The editing – different images may need more
editing than others.

But don’t fear, when we sit down to discuss the property, I
will be able to give you a package price on how much the services will cost.
You will know from the start the costs, without any sneaky extras popping up
without your understanding.


At Ruby and Lace, I an dedicated to providing my clients
with the best possible photographs for their needs. Whether you are looking for
updated photos for a property that is already on the market and not gaining the
interest you require, or you have a fresh new property you want to take to
market – I am there to help.

Together we can increase exposure, enhance the property and
bring in the best quality potential buyers.


Are you ready to make a statement with your portfolio?




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