Family Photography

How many photos do you have of your whole family? Ones where
mum isn’t behind the camera? Where everyone is happy and looking at the camera?
No silly faces!

Family photos are a beautiful way to capture the love and
connection between you all, but it can be hard to get everyone together for
them. That is why I love being able to offer my family photoshoots. These are a
way of booking in a time where everyone is available and able to attend. A way
to create an everlasting memory of your family all together.


What are family photoshoots?


Family photoshoots are a way of capturing all of you
together and in one place. I know it is a hard thing to do at times. Whenever
you’re all together at an event, there is normally someone behind the camera
and not able to be in the photos or someone is too busy running around
organising everything (I’m looking at you mum)

But when you book in a family photoshoot it is a way to get
everyone in the frame. To create a beautiful memory that you can hang on the
wall, give as a gift or bring out at celebrations to look through.

Family photoshoots can range from parents and the children,
to adding in grandparents and of course your furry four legged friends.
Generational photos that have grandparents, parents and children are some of
the most beautiful photos that I have ever taken and seen.


Why get family photos?


How many times have you looked back on your photos and seen
that there is a child looking the other way? Or mum isn’t in them because she
is taking them? This is why you need to get family photos done.

It is a way to get everyone together, in the one place and
taking part in capturing the memories.

Family dynamics are always changing. Our children are
growing up, they are moving out and becoming too busy to be at home with their
parents. And although these are amazing milestones that are to be celebrated it
also means that there will be a time when you are an empty nester.

By having family photographs taken when your children are
younger and still living at home, it means that you are able to then look back
on the photos, see the changes that have happened in the years since and
remember all those times that you were together as a family.


What type of family photos can I take?


I want to create a memory that is of significance to you and
your family. That is why I take the time to get to know you and what it is that
you are looking for. My services are here to help you and give you exactly what
you are looking for. This can include:

· Couples

· Parents and children

· Grandparents

· Pets

· Extended family

I work with you and the party of people that you would like

When it comes to choosing how your photoshoot goes, that is
up to you. I have a range of different venues that I can take the photos at:

· In the comfort of your own home.

· Outdoors in a park surrounded by greenery

· At the beach amongst the sand and sea

· In the studio

These are your forever memories and they should be in a
place that is comfortable to you and your family.


Why do I do family photos?

My passion has always been to photograph the different
stages of life. I love being able to grow with a family and see the changes
that happen throughout their lives.

I have many clients that I have worked with over the years,
being able to capture their milestones throughout their lives. I am passionate
about ensuring the milestones are captured in an everlasting way.

· Engagements

· Weddings

· Maternity

· Newborns

· Families

· Generational photo shoots.


How does it work?

Because these are photographs that you will keep forever, I
want to make sure that it is an experience that both you and your family enjoy.

I know how important these photos will be to you and your
family and I want to ensure that I create a portfolio of photos that speak to
you and that are what you are looking for.

When you enquire with me about having a family photoshoot:

· We will discuss the services available and which
one you would like to book in.

· We will determine the theme of your shoot and
where you would like it to take place.

· We will work out the best time for your
photoshoot based on your schedule and the schedule of those attending the photo


I can’t wait to help you to create everlasting memories for
you and your family. Are you ready?


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