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Becoming a parent happens the moment that you find out you
are pregnant. Once you are aware of the little person starting to grow inside
of you, that is when you become a loving and protective parent. Pregnancy is a
beautiful thing. It may not always feel like it, but you are doing an amazing
thing and it is something that you should be able to look back on and cherish.
Even once you have given birth.

Maternity photo shoots are becoming very popular as people
realise that they want to hold onto a memory of their time being pregnant, well
after their baby is born. I am so excited to be able to help new mums
experience maternity photo shoots and give them something to look back on.


What is a maternity photo shoot?


A maternity photo shoot is one that takes place towards the
end of your pregnancy. At a time where you’re feeling confident with yourself,
both inside and out. When your baby bump is showing nicely and you can showcase
it to those around you.

A maternity photo shoot is so that you can look back on your
time being pregnant, remember the little kicks you were feeling and see how
amazing the changes were in your body.


Why get a maternity photo shoot done?


A maternity photo shoot is an opportunity for you to get
dressed up, get your hair done and have a day out looking your best before your
baby comes. A day to pamper yourself.

It is also a way to showcase the beauty that is pregnancy.
For you to look back on your time being pregnant and marvel at the fact you
were growing a tiny little baby inside of you.

Your photos will be there for you to look back on for years
to come. To help you to remember those times, the feelings and emotions that
came with being pregnant and bring up all that love once again.

It is a way to make an everlasting memory of that moment in
your life.



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Do you remember those first few weeks of your little one
being home?

The different emotions you were feeling?

The look and feel of your newborn and the effect that it had
on you?

Newborn babies grow up so quickly and before you know it
they are smiling back at you, crawling around and saying their first words.

The newborn stage is one that although goes quickly, needs
to be remembered and kept forever. I can help you do this through newborn
photography and capturing your babies in their early days.


What is newborn photography?


Newborn photography is the process of taking photos of your
baby when they are either a few days or a few weeks old. This is a time when
they are still adapting to being a part of your family and you are still
learning about them and what they have to offer.

Your newborn photo shoot is one that will capture their
innocence and beauty all in one.


Why have newborn photos taken?


This is a question I get asked a lot. I believe that family
is the number one thing in life. That we need to cherish every moment of it and
capture as much of it as memories as possible. Those first few weeks with a
newborn can be stressful, exhausting and full of emotions.

Once your little one has grown a bit, many parents look back
and can not fully remember the newborn stage, simply because they were so tired
and constantly on the move.

By having these photos, you can look back on those days,
remember how little your baby was and the beauty that they brought into your

I love being able to capture these moments and give you a
chance to look back for years to come on the amazing little gift that you
brought into the world.


Why do I do newborn photos?


My passion has always been to photograph the different
stages of life. I love being able to grow with a family and see the changes
that happen throughout their lives.

I have many clients that I have worked with over the years,
being able to capture their milestones throughout their lives. I am passionate
about ensuring the milestones are captured in an everlasting way.

· Engagements

· Weddings

· Maternity

· Newborns

· Families

· Generational photo shoots.


I know the amazing feeling that comes with being a parent.
The emotional rollercoaster and all the new learnings. Being able to help you
to see that moment for years to come is why I offer newborn photo shoots. To
give you something to look back on and to bring up all those happy emotions and
memories all over again.


How does it work?


Because these are photographs that you will keep forever, I
want to make sure that it is an experience that both you and your baby enjoy.

There are different options available on how we conduct your
newborn shoot. The photoshoot can take place in the studio, where I have a
range of different outfits and props that I can use, or we can do it in the
comfort of your own home. We can even do a natural outdoor shoot if that is
your preference.

I know how important these photos will be to you and your
family and I want to ensure that I create a portfolio of photos that speak to
you and that are what you are looking for.

When you enquire with me about having a newborn photoshoot:

· We will discuss the services available and which
one you would like to book in.

· We will determine the theme of your shoot and
where you would like it to take place.

· We will work out the best time for your
photoshoot based on your due date and book it in.


And don’t worry, I know that babies run on their own
schedule and they don’t always come on their due date. If this is the case, it
is simple and easy to get in contact with me and we can reschedule your
booking, whether that means bringing it forward a few weeks or pushing it back
a few weeks. I am here to help and accommodate you and your newborn.

During your time with me, I know that babies can become
unsettled and may not be in the mood straight away for the photos. I have
worked with many families and I know that patience is the key.

If we need to stop so you can feed your little one – that is

If we need to stop for a nappy change – go for it!

If we need to pause for a cuddle – count me in!


Together we can produce a beautiful set of photographs that
show the beauty and innocence that your little one has brought into your life.

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